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Lifetime Warranty


Ram Jack has been around for 41 years, but our Lifetime Warranty is even stronger than that. The Ram Jack foundation repair system comes with a standard Transferable Lifetime Warranty that is backed by a Warranty Trust guaranteeing future performance.

What does that mean? What is a Warranty Trust and why is that vitally important to you? Our Warranty Trust is our supporting funded organization, The Ram Jack Dealers Association, which backs up our warranty to service our customers who have had Ram Jack piers installed by us, is a certified Ram Jack dealer.

In the unlikely event you have a warranty claim at any time in the future the Ram Jack Dealers Association Warranty Trust lives on to honor your claim even if we’ve since retired or gone out of business.

Wait, it gets even better than that… This claim is transferable for the life of your structure. So if and when you sell your property, your warranty goes with it to your buyer. Imagine how that can add value to your selling price!

Is a lifetime transferable warranty important to you and your family, your buyer, your insurance company, or your client?

Don’t settle for less. This is the only true Life Time Warranty. Compaction Grouting, Hydraulically Installed Piers, Helical Piers and much more. One call does it all!!! Ram Jack is a family-owned business that began operations in 1968, in Ada, OK. Back then, concrete piercing was the original repair method used simply because it was the only technology available at the time. It became evident that the concrete pier did not provide long-term support of foundations and that only a short-term warranty period could be given.

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