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House Raising

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House RaisingAlso known as house lifting, house jacking, structure lifting, and building jacking, is a very specialized contractor trade and should be reserved for the professionals with experience. It  is the process of separating a house or other building structure from its foundation and temporarily raising it utilizing hydraulic screw jacks. RAM JACK Foundation Solutions are structure lifting professionals.   Depending on the size of the structure and the purpose of raising it. A structure may be lifted as little as 6 inches or more than 12 feet. Depending on the structure and the purpose of raising it.

Common reasons for raising a structure:
Structural or Foundation Issues
There are times when a home must be raised due to unseen structural damage such as settling or other foundation issues. In some cases, the home must be raised in order to repair or completely replace the foundation. Depending on the home’s condition repairing certain types of foundation work can only be done when the home can be raised.
Need More Space
 It is not uncommon to live in a home or neighborhood that you love and decide that you need more space. RAM JACK can help by raising the home so the homeowner can add a second level instead of building out, the homeowner could then build up. Home raising will allow the homeowner to add a new full basement, increase the height of an existing basement or to simply add a crawlspace.

Flood Protection
In some cases homeowners who live near freshwater, low-banks of rivers or near ocean shores should consider house raising or house moving to avoid flooding in these type of areas. Some homeowners take this measure after they have suffered from an incident of flooding. RAM Jack encourages homeowners in these areas to take this action as a preventative measure before major damage occurs.